Pavlov's brilliance!

Pavlov's grandparents (can I saw that?) bought him an everlasting treat ball, which is not really a ball, but a blue rubbery toy that sometimes I slather peanut butter on (we don't have the brown treats to put in it).

We taught him to find it and pick it up when we say "where's your ball?". Usually we have to find it ahead of time because he tends to run around desperately and whine if he can't find it and frankly for a dog his searching skills aren't so good.

I had no clue where it was today, but asked him "where's your ball?" to see if he knew. He runs past his other toys/bones to the brand new green ball we bought him this afternoon and picks it up instead.

I think on some doggy level he has gone beyond rote memorization to comprehension... a doggy genius!

(no subject)

I was out sick yesterday with a throat infection that has caused a lot of coughing and messing with my voice.

When I came in today and started talking to a coworker, she said, "you really were sick yesterday!"

Restrictions Ahead

This journal is hardly Friends Only (where all posts are restricted to people on my "Friends List"), but this is the official notice that most posts concerning my personal life will be restricted. You will, as the casual reader, be privy to most articles, quizzes, memes, random observations, etc. I have no particular standards, and will friend just about anyone (yes, that means you!). This is just my way of making a space where I can say things with more honesty. And for those people who don't have a Live Journal account, starting an account is easy, and you don't have to post or log in when you want to read something.

Blast from the past

I've been feeling nostalgic tonight, so I thought I would post some thoughts from an old journal I kept while I was at Rose. This one is fit for the general public to see:

"He has this way of making quiet comments while others are talking. A commentator, not the type to get into the conversation, but to bring others into a separate one with him. I can totally see him in my mind right now, holding a cup of something, looking not directly at me, but his face slightly pointed in my direction, making a comment about whatever's going on. Does he like me?"

That was from when I had this giant crush on Tim...